The Irresistible Podcast

Jesus is better than we've made him out to be. Somewhere along the way, we've changed him into something he should never have been, an uncaring, unloving, unmovable Savior who really doesn't save at all. 

The Irresistible Podcast is about searching him out and reclaiming him, his truth, his humanity, his heart and his intent.

Through the thoughts and sometimes sermons we'll share, we're going to find the Good Jesus and I have no doubts we'll rediscover that he really is irresistible.

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I'm a Horrible Christian

a sermon

On a recent flight to Minneapolis, Kenny was hoping for a couple of hours to relax and avoid being "on." But his plans were changed when "Destiny" the struggling pole dancer ended up in the seat next to him. Being honest about it, Kenny admits that his attitude was all wrong before God challenged him to take a look inside and see the stripper girl the way God does, as irresistible. This sermon was preached at Bluegrass United Church of Christ in Lexington, Kentucky.